April 22, 2004

Peter Doncaster


Doncaster here.

This list is great. It's so nice to hear what everyone is up to.

I am currently living in At Moravia, New York and will be here for 5-8 years, depending on behavior. I am involved in the criminal justice system (white collar crime unit) and am also involved in elderly-outreach services. (Sir could you REACH for your credit card and take it OUT.) I stress educational rehabilitation. Mostly I help owners of capital reserves (cash and jewlery) obtain a orderly redistribution of strategic investments. No paperwork necessary. I did have my picture listed on a National Register for a short time (state and local). I am in regular contact with a number of municipalities and
federal agencies, that kind of thing. I also work as a consultant to younger financiers and teach a seminar in the minimum security unit.

Several of my old friends have been in contact, but I keep telling them the bank put a hold on my account, and that kid doesn't really look like me anyway.

Glad I am a part of the list, because they don't allow me to have sharp instruments like pencils and pens. Write back soon!

YF Doncaster

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April 19, 2004

Rich Bouchner


Thanks for adding me to the list...very cool idea to put it together.

The quick and dirty...

Living in NYC w/ my girlfriend...(don't worry Krauser...this one drinks).
In week three of a new job. A buddy from Vandy B-school and I started a mortgage firm in beautiful Newark, NJ...right in the heart of Tony Soprano land. Knox, you would feel right at home, the hookers hit the streets once the sun goes down.

Had dinner w/ Blough and Vito and respective wives...both, by the way, married way over their heads. Saw many a Delt at the Tulane function in NYC a couple of weeks ago. Ended up getting loaded w/ Andy Frank and Paul Cashman at the bar across from my apt afterwards....good to see them both...from what I remember.

Everything is good on this end. Hope all is well w/ everybody else.


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April 17, 2004

Scott Resig

some things in life you just don't want to remember and some things you just can't forget, such are the days of Tulane. I was only a Delt for a year but I hope that gets me a ticket onto this list.

I am living in New Zealand at the moment, working as an orthopedic surgeon, no shit. anyway,moving to Denver to join a practice in a couple of months. Hope all are well. How do i find out where everyone is?

Scott Resig

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Billy McDade

Yo everbody, just checking on in. Either from my "pornogrophically beautiful"(dan) lil community or my "backward ass bumfuck Louisiana town" (knox). Ah, such a way with words lil bro.

Anyway, I also thought dan's comical dirge was a bit humerous, so I decided to share it with the little filly. Well, after the mild snickering it yielded(sorry,dan,only mild) she spotted Krauser's pix, and in particular the Formal shot. Now, I think we can all agree that back then I was a total stud, at least that's how i remember it. So anyway,
kelly says, "Wow, Look at that flat stomach. What happened to that!?" So, like, that's kind of a blow to the ego I must say. So maybe at this first big reunion convention meeting, we give a 6-pack of the most caloric beer to the delt who is closest in size and shape to his/her former self. Party on.

Knox---your still a pussy.

p.s. i am not a surgeon,nor a lawyer,nor a crook, nor a missile salesman. I have never done the wheelbarrow(Is Z on this list?) I am but a small-town regular dude.

p.s.s. Krauser's pit pic is 100% Dave Rogers. No debate.

p.s.s.s. I have been listening to Da Cosmos tonight. "The roof, the roof ..................................."


bil E.

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April 08, 2004

Scott Piper

Fellow Delts,

My second son arrived today! 8.7lbs with strawberry blond hair (I'm expecting lots of mailman jokes))! His name is Davis. Will send pix.


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