April 17, 2004

Billy McDade

Yo everbody, just checking on in. Either from my "pornogrophically beautiful"(dan) lil community or my "backward ass bumfuck Louisiana town" (knox). Ah, such a way with words lil bro.

Anyway, I also thought dan's comical dirge was a bit humerous, so I decided to share it with the little filly. Well, after the mild snickering it yielded(sorry,dan,only mild) she spotted Krauser's pix, and in particular the Formal shot. Now, I think we can all agree that back then I was a total stud, at least that's how i remember it. So anyway,
kelly says, "Wow, Look at that flat stomach. What happened to that!?" So, like, that's kind of a blow to the ego I must say. So maybe at this first big reunion convention meeting, we give a 6-pack of the most caloric beer to the delt who is closest in size and shape to his/her former self. Party on.

Knox---your still a pussy.

p.s. i am not a surgeon,nor a lawyer,nor a crook, nor a missile salesman. I have never done the wheelbarrow(Is Z on this list?) I am but a small-town regular dude.

p.s.s. Krauser's pit pic is 100% Dave Rogers. No debate.

p.s.s.s. I have been listening to Da Cosmos tonight. "The roof, the roof ..................................."


bil E.

Posted by Betaxi at April 17, 2004 08:05 AM