April 19, 2004

Rich Bouchner


Thanks for adding me to the list...very cool idea to put it together.

The quick and dirty...

Living in NYC w/ my girlfriend...(don't worry Krauser...this one drinks).
In week three of a new job. A buddy from Vandy B-school and I started a mortgage firm in beautiful Newark, NJ...right in the heart of Tony Soprano land. Knox, you would feel right at home, the hookers hit the streets once the sun goes down.

Had dinner w/ Blough and Vito and respective wives...both, by the way, married way over their heads. Saw many a Delt at the Tulane function in NYC a couple of weeks ago. Ended up getting loaded w/ Andy Frank and Paul Cashman at the bar across from my apt afterwards....good to see them both...from what I remember.

Everything is good on this end. Hope all is well w/ everybody else.


Posted by Betaxi at April 19, 2004 08:01 AM