April 22, 2004

Peter Doncaster


Doncaster here.

This list is great. It's so nice to hear what everyone is up to.

I am currently living in At Moravia, New York and will be here for 5-8 years, depending on behavior. I am involved in the criminal justice system (white collar crime unit) and am also involved in elderly-outreach services. (Sir could you REACH for your credit card and take it OUT.) I stress educational rehabilitation. Mostly I help owners of capital reserves (cash and jewlery) obtain a orderly redistribution of strategic investments. No paperwork necessary. I did have my picture listed on a National Register for a short time (state and local). I am in regular contact with a number of municipalities and
federal agencies, that kind of thing. I also work as a consultant to younger financiers and teach a seminar in the minimum security unit.

Several of my old friends have been in contact, but I keep telling them the bank put a hold on my account, and that kid doesn't really look like me anyway.

Glad I am a part of the list, because they don't allow me to have sharp instruments like pencils and pens. Write back soon!

YF Doncaster

Posted by Betaxi at April 22, 2004 07:59 AM