April 22, 2004

Rogers vs. Kennedy

Dave "Buck" Rogers ('88) is running for Congress in Rhode Island against Patrick Kennedy. This is Buck's second attempt to unseat, in my humble opinion, the most inept of the Kennedy clan currently serving in public office - and that's saying alot!

I think I might just have to get me a Rogers for Congress t-shirt.

Dave served in the SEAL's after leaving Tulane, some cool pics are here.

Posted by Betaxi at April 22, 2004 11:30 AM

Wow. I stubled on to this site a few hours ago, and have been pouring over it ever since. I also didn't know about Ray, or Kevin, until reading it here. Price I pay for being out of the loop I guess. I'm afraid to ask too many questions.

I saw a bunch of the boys at the fundraiser that Dale and Hillary threw for my campaign in NYC last year, and hope to impose upon y'all again. Yes I am running for the second time, but... who really cares about politics here.

I am almost certain that I have a picture or two stashed away somewhere, I think there is one of Myself, Fred Murnane, Jason Valentzas and Billy McDade on top of a partially submerged car in the pit 'the day after'.

Would love to hear from y'all, get me at that email.


Go Red Sox


Posted by: Dave Rogers at May 1, 2004 03:00 PM